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National Weather Service Chimes In

6:02 AM

The National Weather Service from Mount Holly has put out some “estimations” of how much snow has fall over the forecast area in the latest Winter Storm Warning.  I’m not sure how accurate it is, but here is what they say:



A Cold Start But Mild Pattern On The Way

5:46 AM

Today is probably going to be the coldest day of the next 7 as high pressure will move right over the forecast area today.  Clear skies can be expected today through tonight as the ridge axis passes over the region.  Winds will remain from the northwest around 5 Read More→

Thursday Snow Is All About Location, And Some Will NOT Like It

7:11 AM

The latest model guidance this morning basically is describing what I posted last night.  The surface low pressure moves over southern Pennsyvlania through southern New Jersey and then begins to intensify off the New Jersey coast.  What would like drive those living in Philadelphia and southeastern Pennsylvania nuts Read More→

Current Liquid To Snow Ratios Around The Forecast Area

7:37 AM

Very light snow has started to fall over Freehold at this hour.  That’s an interesting note.  Another is the temperatures.

The fact that temperatures range from the upper 10’s to mid 20’s from the Hudson Valley through Central New Jersey and Philadelphia suggest that water/snow ratios are range Read More→