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Winter Forecast for 2010/11

The winter forecast of 2010/2011 is probably one of the most difficult winter forecasts that I have had to do in several years. There are several factors that went into the forecast including.

  • the Very Strong East Based La Nina
  • Solar Minimum influence on high latitude blocking
  • Climate influence changes Read More→

Major storm expected to impact Northern Mid Atlantic

A very strong disturbance over the Ohio Valley will move towards the Mid Atlantic coast this afternoon.  This disturbance will spawn a coastal low over Delaware that will track over the New Jersey coastal waters and into New England tonight.

The type of storm track that this low pressure system Read More→

My theory on the lack of thunderstorms over Central New Jersey

12:45 PM  07/24/10

Since the Spring started there has been a trend in the formation of thunderstorms this season in which central New Jersey, specifically Mercer, Monmouth, northern Ocean, northern Burlington, and Middlesex Counties continues to avoid the destructive thunderstorms that have impacted the rest of the Northern Mid Atlantic.  I Read More→

Steady rain exits, but scattered showers remain a threat

7:23 AM

The low pressure system responsible for the heavy rain that had moves through the Philadelphia metropolitan area early this morning and is now driving through Long Island and Connecticut is slowly moving into the northern Hudson Valley.  The cold front associated with the surface low pressure system was Read More→

Warm and pleasant conditions continues

4:35 PM

For a meteorologist who works every day, this is what I call my vacation.  Easy, straight forward, and very enjoy to write about.

Clear skies once again reign supreme as high pressure continues to slowly slide through the Ohio Valley.  The sinking air over the region, which has Read More→

Tranquil conditions continue, but active weather pattern expected to return

7:45 AM

High pressure is slowly transitioning towards the Ohio Valley today, which will lead to a slight shift in the winds towards the northwest.  Other than the wind shift, conditions will remain rather quiet throughout the northern Mid Atlantic, as least for now.

The water vapor satellite picture this Read More→

Foggy start this morning with increasing flooding potential this weekend

8:00 AM

The temperatures may be warmer, but the active storm track that the Philadelphia and New York City metropolitan area experienced in February is returning once again.

The easterly fetch developing at the mid and lower levels of the atmosphere is already influencing the northern Mid Atlantic as Atlantic Read More→

Warmer times ahead after glancing blow

7:48 AM

A strong area of low pressure is rapidly developing along the Gulf Coast, however this storm is staying far enough south and east to not have a major impact on the region’s weather.

The “pattern changer” as I like to call it is not over the Gulf Coast Read More→

Minor snow threat for Tuesday night into Wednesday morning

9:15 PM

A very energetic Sub Tropical disturbance is rapidly developing along the Gulf Coast this evening.  However, a more important disturbance that will determine the forecast is actually along the West coast.

While the storm along the Gulf Coast certainly appears ominous, the progression of the Pacific storm this Read More→

Minor snow threat for mid week, but warmer conditions are on the way!

6:45 AM

The water vapor this morning shows that one major storm is finally exiting and another is on the way over the southern Plains.

The winter storm over New England is the result of the lingering upper low from late weeks winter storm that interacted with another Sub Tropical Read More→